About Us


About Us

Hospitality Internships & Work Placements in Africa!

Mashariki provides paid hospitality internships and work placements in leading luxury hotels, resorts and safari park lodges in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda (East Africa). South Africa coming soon!

Internship Locations

Internships available in leading luxury hotels and safari park lodges in Tanzania and Zanzibar Islands.

South Africa, Rwanda and Uganda
We are now accepting applications for Uganda and Rwanda. Hotels in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg coming soon!  


Program Benefits

6 Months Program
All interns receive a salary (stipend) of US$ 500 - US$ 800 per month plus other benefits.

Airplane Tickets
Selected candidates are provided a return ticket from origin to their internship destination, including airport pick-up and transfers.

Boarding and Lodging
All duty meals and accommodation are provided for within the hotels, restaurant, lodges and resorts. See all benefits... 


Internship / Job Categories

Entertainment and Services
Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Stewarding, Waiters, Waitresses, Casino Hosts and Hostesses, Quality Control, Night Club DJs, Restaurant, Bar and Lounge Attendants, Talent Show Artists. 

Food Production
Chef de Cuisine - Italian and Chinese), Sous Chef, Pastry Chef (Patissier), Station Chef (Chef de Partie), Saucier (French), Fish Cook (Poissonier), Meat Cook (Rotisseur), Fry Cook, Pantry Chef, Line Cook (Commis), Expediter.